The cycle of our world

Every time, every minute
Every time, every second
the sand in the hourglas is fading

Every time, every season
Every time, every snowfall
I find myself waiting for tomorrow

Every time, every morning
Every time, every nightfall
I wonder what tomorrow will bring

What happens in the future?
Will there be a sunset?
Will there be a nightfall, or a day at all?

Fantasy tells a story
Reality tells another
but in the end will there be a story at all?

Time is running out
it’s running day by day
There is no way to stop it
there’s no way at all
Everything that has a beginning
must have an ending
such is the cycle
the cycle of our world
The cycle of our world..

Just as time is fading
so, I know, do I
soon to be a part of the past

Will I be remembered?
Will I be forgotten?
Will I be nothing but a shade in the end?


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